Fund managers diary

Trevor Chanter is the chief investment officer at Way Investment Managers and manager of Way’s core portfolio style funds and Freestyle Fund. His diary runs from August 2-8.

Monday Today is busier than usual as it follows a week away at the RS Feva world championships [sailing competition] in which my son competed. There is a Way Star Chamber meeting to prepare for on Tuesday, straight after the launch of Way Freestyle, so will need to update the members and formulate ideas for discussion.

Tuesday An early meeting with UBS is followed by reading through the latest report from James Abate, who manages PSigma American Growth. I place a deal for a gold mining company before some final preparations for the meeting.

The Star Chamber meet monthly to talk through markets, specific concerns, risks and ideas. The format is informal. Specific ideas are discussed for Freestyle, which I consider for inclusion in the fund and how they may be appropriate or not given the objectives and holdings. There are no real consensus conclusions, as to be expected from an eclectic mix of independently minded professionals, but plenty of ideas to consider.

Wednesday A morning meeting with Somerset Capital Management to talk about its views on emerging markets and progress on creating a British version of its EM small cap fund.

This is followed by lunch with Arbuthnot. I have known Matthew for many years and we share a passion for sailing as well as investment. The conversation is split equally between the two, given he has just spent a week competing only three miles from where my son has been sailing.

Afternoon to catch up on markets, including gold, and a close look at the Liontrust fund that I have a meeting about tomorrow. Spend the evening at home with my son planning a science-and-sailing day for a diabetes charity. (article continues below)

Thursday Early meeting to discuss the improved performance of the Credit Absolute Return fund with one of the managers at Liontrust.

Time to catch up on emails and reading. Particularly interested in the most recent update from Aubrey Capital Management. The global equity fund has a good record though I am not sure it is a good time to be increasing equity exposure. Continuing to research the resources area and particularly a more absolute return style strategy that may be ideal for the cautious fund. Make contact with the group on various points. Leave early to do the final race in the evening series at the sailing club.

Friday Two ideas are looking a little more attractive as the market opens so I invest a half unit size into both. Review performance numbers for the underlying funds in their sectors as well as the relevant indices. Look through the weekly global technical analysis to consider if new trends are developing, particularly in the less developed markets, which are not so newsworthy.

Saturday A relaxed morning is followed by a sail and much conversation at the club about the science and sailing day next month.

Sunday We go to the motor racing circuit at Goodwood. Today is the annual roller marathon and my son, having done the half marathon last year, does the full marathon on roller blades. His time of three hours four minutes is amazing, especially given his lack of training. Time to relax and read the weekend FT once we get home.