Fund of funds performance data

Over one year to September 22, two out of the 46 funds in the Investment Management Association (IMA) Balanced Managed (funds of funds only) sector with a one-year track record, produced a positive return. They were the £24m CF Arch Cru Balanced fund and the £47m CF Miton Strategic Portfolio.

The CF Cru Balanced fund produced a return of 6.11% over one year, while the CF Miton Strategic Portfolio, produced a return of 1.88%, according to Morningstar. The average IMA Balanced Managed sector return over one year was a fall of 14.15%.

Over three years to September 22, the CF Arch Cru Balanced fund is again the top-ranking fund in the peer group. It produced a return of 25.39%, while the sector average was 3.9%. It is managed by Arch Financial Products and distributed by Cru. Minimum investment in the CF Arch Cru Balanced fund is £1,500, while the management fee is 1.35%.

Of the 40 funds in the sector with a three-year track record, 12 declined in value. The worst performers over three years were the MLC Growth portfolio, SW Progressive and Snowdonia Balanced funds. They fell by 4.94%, 3.34% and 3.09%, respectively.