Skandia to launch Global Best Ideas fund

Artemiss Mark Tyndall and New Stars Stephen Whittaker are two of the fund managers chosen to pick funds in Skandia Investments Managements soon-to-launch Global Best Ideas fund.

The concept of the fund, which is likely to be launched in the summer, is that 10 of the world’s “best fund managers” each pick 10 of their best ideas, which are all put into a single portfolio. In effect, each manager will run their own bespoke mandate of 10 stocks for the fund, buying and selling their best ideas as they see fit.

While having a global remit, the fund will be weighted towards UK equities. According to Skandia, the target asset allocation will be 50% UK equities, 17% US, 14% Europe ex-UK, 7% emerging markets, 6% Japan and 6% Asia ex-Japan.

Skandia is not announcing any of the names of the managers involved at this stage. However, David Orr, marketing and product development director at Skandia, confirms that five of the managers will run British equity portfolios.

While there is likely to be some crossover of holdings, he says, the five UK managers have all been chosen for their different management styles. This leaves room for one US manager, one Japan manager, one Asia manager and one emerging markets manager.

According to Skandia, several of the fund managers will be putting their own money into the fund, as will John Duffield, New Star’s founder.