From: victoria.ovantine@fkim.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Performance rankings.

That aggressive punt you made in oil and mining and the prescient dive into cash should put you well clear at the top of the six-month and one-year tables. We’re planning an advertising campaign to capitalise on your success.

From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: You win!

OK – this shakeout looks like lasting longer than I expected. You will need to invest that cash sometime, though, or the regulators will be after you. Incidentally, did you see Anthony Bolton shorted the Footsie a few weeks ago?

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: We live in interesting times.

You know what the old Chinese proverb says – these volatile markets make timing difficult. I did read about Mr Bolton. He’s only a few years older than me but I dread to think how many times my meagre wealth he’s worth.

From: stephen.james@fkim.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Our delayed meeting.

I quite understand. Much of what I wanted to discuss has gone on the back burner because of the market. I don’t see us getting Luke’s structured funds off the ground in these conditions.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: hugh.golder@dragonlife.co.uk
Subject: How about lunch?

You know how difficult trading conditions are, but I really feel we should catch up. Aside from anything else, Stephen keeps hinting at big changes and I’m anxious to learn what they are.

From: sharon.wells@tesco.net
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: I’m over here…

…and this is my new e-mail address. Sorry I was beastly to you over that Cheltenham business. Thing was, I met a hedge fund manager there who promised to show me the ropes in the City. It’s not working out, though, and I need help.

To be continued…