Investors shun UK Equity Income funds

The UK Equity Income sector was the worst selling sector in August, seeing net retail outflows of £25.8m, according to the latest statistics from the Investment Management Association (IMA).

The sector sits behind Money Market, UK Equity & Bond Income and UK Index Linked Gilt in terms of popularity. In July the sector saw inflows of £81m.

Meanwhile, net inflows into commercial property funds hit their highest level since June 2007 in August, reaching £129m—up from £34m in July. For a tenth month in a row the £ Corporate Bond sector was the most popular among investors, attracting net inflows of £338m.

Overall net retail sales in August hit £2.2 billion, which according to the IMA is the highest ever figure recorded for the month of August. Of this, £742m was invested in bonds, while equity funds took in £696m.

UK Absolute Return funds saw an inflow of £235m in August, making it the second most popular retail sector.

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