Debating the City

Those who want to go beyond the banal debate about “greedy bankers” might be interested in an event in London on the evening of October 4.

I will be speaking on a panel at the British Library on the subject of Bankers and Bonuses: What has the City ever done for London? as part of the Story of London Festival. The other panelists will include John Micklethwaite (editor-in-chief of the Economist), Luke Johnson (chairman of Risk Capital Partners) and Billy Bragg (musician and political campaigner). Paul Mason, the economics editor of BBC Newsnight, will chair.

The aim of the event is to examine the role of the City of London. Can it make a positive contribution to supporting innovation or should its power be curbed?

Despite the presence of a well-known musician on the panel I firmly deny rumours that I will be playing the tambourine.