Kitchen jumps ship to Henderson

Threadneedle Investments head of UK equities Graham Kitchen has left the group to join Henderson Global Investors. Kitchen will be joined at Henderson by former Invesco Perpetual colleague Andy Jones.

Kitchen, who joined Threadneedle less than a year ago, in October 2004, is to become head of Henderson’s UK thematic team and will report to head of equities Andrew Formica.

The UK thematic team is to restructure and David Bint and Steve Danby, heads of the sector and theme team, will both report to Kitchen. The restructuring follows a review of the group’s institutional business and UK equity process by Formica, who was appointed as head of equities 10 months ago.

Henderson’s head of corporate communications Richard Acworth says: “Kitchen and Jones are great additions to the team and reaction from our clients has been extremely positive.” He adds that Kitchen’s stockpicking skills will strengthen the UK equity team and his experience in retail markets may be used in future.

Threadneedle head of equities Michael Taylor is to take over Kitchen’s responsibilities for the UK equity team. Taylor will be assisted by UK High Alpha head Paul Findley and William Davies, head of European equities.

Richard Eats, head of corporate communications at Threadneedle, says: “We have a significant amount of in-house talent in UK equities and we will be conducting a review of where we are and where we need to strengthen the team. Threadneedle has a stable senior team and has been a net recruiter of investment professionals over the past year.”

Other members of Threadneedle’s UK equity team to have left the company over the last year include Mark Holden and Paul Cramp. Kitchen took over responsibility of running the 186m UK Select Growth and 12m UK Accelerando funds from Holden in March following poor performance. Cramp was also relieved of his duties as manager of the UK Smaller Companies Growth and UK Mid 250 funds.

In Kitchen’s absence Taylor will take over the UK Select Growth and UK Accelerando funds.

Jones, who has managed the 843m Invesco Perpetual Income & Growth fund since last July, is expected to leave the company at the end of October. Invesco Perpetual is expected to make an announcement regarding management of the fund this week.