Fund of funds performance data

No movement has been seen in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Japan rankings for regionally invested funds of funds over last month, although the Credit Suisse Multi-Manager North American fund moved up one place over both one and three years to rank first and second respectively in its sector (funds of funds only).

In the UK-invested sectors there was more change, with Insight UK Dynamic Managed swapping places with Berkeley UK Growth & Value in the three-year UK All Companies table. But it is the UK Equity & Bond Income sector that has seen the most movement. Axa Multimanager Income now tops the sector over both one and three years, with an advance of four and two places respectively over last month. GHC High Income moves into fourth place over both periods, down from first over one year and second over three years.

The appearance of the Abbey Multi-Manager Cautious fund in the UK Corporate Bond sector (it was previously classified by Standard & Poor’s as a Cautious Managed fund) has pushed the two other funds in the sector with a one-year track record down one place each.

Funds of funds in the regional IMA unit trust/Oeic sectors, bid-bid, net income reinvested, over one and three years to July 18, 2005.Source: Standard & Poor’s