From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Bank results.

I know Bradford & Bingley left a little to be desired, but the Barclays figures were seriously good. Surely on dividend yield alone they are worth tucking away in your fund. Don’t forget, Cheltenham is not far away.

From: stephen.james@stella-am.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: This market.

I still don’t trust it – but then I’m meant to be running growth mandates. At least you are spoilt for choice with income producing ideas. Banks, housebuilders and property all look a steal at present. Then again, they could get cheaper.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: brodinsky@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Building repairs.

Your name has been given to me as a trusted provider of building services. We own a listed building in need of attention. Could you give me a quote and some references so I can be sure you can handle this type of work?

From: liz.trader@hotmail.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Good news at last!

I’ve been short-listed for head of personnel at a mail order fulfilment house in Sudbury. Hardly the quality of staff I’ve become used to, but it will take me back to my marketing roots. Keep your fingers crossed for me

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: george.lark@virgin.net
Subject: Fancy a lunch?

I met our new spin doctor yesterday. Boy, is she something. Lucinda told me to be careful of her, but she was just a pussycat and such an improvement on that Peregrine character.

From: lisa.aspinall@tiscali.co.uk
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Thanks for a super lunch.

I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for ages. I’m going to like working at Stella. Hugh tells me you’re their media star, so we are going to have to work together closely. I know I’ll love that.

To be continued…