Troy aims for success with offshore version

Troy Asset Management has launched the Trojan International fund.

The latest offering is an offshore version of the Trojan fund, run by Sebastian Lyon, which was launched in 2001 and soft-closed in April last year, having reached £1 billion in assets.

Sitting at the top of the IMA Mixed Investment 40-85% sector over one year, the £1.7 billion Troy Trojan fund is up 13.9%, according to Morningstar. (article continues below)

The Dublin-domiciled International fund, which was launched last week, is also run by Lyon and mirrors the onshore fund’s mandate.

The fund targets capital preservation and growth over the long term by investing in large-cap global equities, global fixed income securities, preference shares and precious metals, as well as collective investment schemes and money market instruments.

Lyon, assisted by Sean Beck, a fund manager, uses an active asset allocation strategy to capture performance from a range of investments and to diversify risk.

The fund’s equity weighting will range from 25% when the managers are cautious, up to 85% when they are more optimistic.

Within the equity portfolio, the fund holds between 25 and 45 positions, while the cash weighting will range from between 0% to 50% in line with the fund’s active asset allocation strategy.