Gilliat launches first structured product

Gilliat has launched the first structured product within its Income Series. The product, which has a five-year term, offers investor three choices of income linked to three different asset classes—British equities, commodities and property.

Option one is linked to the FTSE 100 index, and has a gross income of 6.504% annual equivalent rate (AER), paid monthly. Option two is linked to the S&P GSCI – ER Index, paying 7.2% AER monthly, and option three is linked to the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe Index and pays 7.5% AER monthly.

The first issue aims to return investors’ capital in full. However, if the selected index falls by more than 50% during the term of the plan and fails to recover to its starting level, capital will be reduced 1% for every 1% the index has fallen by the maturity date.

The minimum investment is £3,000, and the investment deadline is October 9 for Isa transfers, and October 30 for new Isa, direct, Sipp and Ssas investments.

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