Brain death in Venice

Over to Venice where it sounds like a revolution is breaking out.

Oliver Stone, the director of films such as Wall Street and JFK, appeared alongside Hugo Chavez, the radical Venezuelan leader, at the Venice Film Festival. Stone was promoting his documentary South of the Border which evidently argues that Latin American countries are becoming more democratic.

According to the report in the Telegraph: “After a dramatic landing at the Venice Lido on board a carabinieri helicopter, Mr Chavez, who eschewed the typical boat arrival as he suffers from sea sickness, posed on the red carpet along with the director, who he described as a ‘hard worker’.”

Meanwhile, Michael Moore, another radical film-maker, was promoting his new documentary: Capitalism: A Love Story.

Listening to some of the bluster you might assume that Moore had produced a radical documentary. But from the Reuters report he sounds more like the Archbishop of Canterbury than Lenin: “Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil”.

It is almost certainly the old dreary line about Wall Street undermining Main Street America.

Still, it would be wrong to expect much from a film-maker whose highlights include lampooning a dodery Charlton Heston for his opposition to gun control.