Lothian and Gibson launch wealth management business

Paul Lothian and Jonathan Gibson, the co founders of Verus Chartered Financial, are launching a wealth management business.

The advisers have teamed up with the Aberdeen-based accountancy Anderson, Anderson & Brown (AAB) to launch A2+B Wealth.

The firm will focus on high net worth investors, businesses, partnerships and trustees and will be fee-based. (article continues below)

It will manage wealth based on lifetime cash-flow modelling tools and an investment platform, white-labelled as A2+B Wealthcare.

Lothian, the former president of the Personal Finance Society, says: “This is a time of great opportunity for quality financial planning firms, and AAB are a well-respected and highly successful firm operating in a vibrant and progressive city of commerce.”

AAB managing partner Mike Brown says: “Expansion of our services into wealth management is a natural progression. Our aim is that A2+B Wealth will become the wealth management service of choice for our firm’s existing clients and beyond”.