Aberdeen adds three funds to Sicav range

Aberdeen has launched three funds, Aberdeen Global American Smaller Companies, Emerging Markets Corporate Bond and Ethical World Equity, to its Luxembourg-domiciled Sicav range.

Brett Diment
Brett Diment

The three funds have been seeded with $120m (£76m) from existing clients, with $32.5m going into the Emerging Markets Corporate Bond fund, Ethical World Equity ($54.5m), and American Smaller Companies ($41m).

Aberdeen’s emerging market debt team, headed by Brett Diment, manages the Emerging Markets Corporate Bond fund. The team manage over $600m of assets in emerging market corporate bonds, with the fund sitting alongside the Emerging Markets Local Currency fund.

The Ethical World Equity fund is run by Aberdeen’s global equity team, based in Edinburgh. The team is lead by Stephen Docherty, and run over $1 billion in environmental, and social corporate governance mandates. (article continues below)

Aberdeen’s Philadelphia-based North American team is led by Paul Atkinson, American Smaller Companies fund.