From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: Defying gravity?

Despite my worst fears, this market does appear to be holding its ground. But for how long? There is a limit to the length of time oil and commodities can continue to buoy the index. I feel a defensive switch coming on.

From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Any business is good

I’m not proud. You want to rebase your portfolio? I’m here to collect the orders. Our analysts are becoming more cautious, but it’s that time of year. As soon as the magnolia’s in bloom, they head for the hills.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: victoria.ovantine@fkim.com
Subject: Value Driven funds.

The time has come to lower the risk profile of these funds, in my opinion. Before I push the button, is there any news on the likely lads who bought the stake in the investment trust? This sounds like a time to stay on good terms with the board.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Re: Our holiday.

I’ve booked a cruise to the Canaries in two weeks. Because of the short notice it was cheap. I hope this makes up for being locked up with God knows who.

From: lucindaws@finwomus.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Your profile interview

MM wants to do this over lunch. Knowing you would lunch for Britain if that were a career option, I’ve accepted. How does two weeks on Thursday for a blowout at the swanky Chez Gerard sound?

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: lucindaws@finmomus.com
Subject: A small hitch

I’ve agreed to take Liz on a cruise to warmer climes, so it will need to be later. Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than sharing a rusting bath-tub with a crowd of refugees from the Costas, but Liz is keen.

To be continued…