Out of Bolton’s shadow?

In a recent fund blog, I mentioned that being Anthony Bolton’s successor must be tough for Sanjeev Shah. Not only has he Bolton’s massive reputation to follow, he also struggles for the limelight because Bolton’s name is still constantly in the news, despite his retirement from actively managing money. This could be set to continue with the imminent release of a new book, Investing Against the Tide: Lessons From A Life Running Money, by Anthony Bolton.

However, after over year at the helm of Fidelity Special Situations, there are signs that Shah is finally beginning to step into the spotlight. The manager was awarded a Trustnet alpha manager’s ranking for his record managing equity funds, and was singled out for praise by Bestinvest, with the fund being upgraded to three stars.

Commenting on the upgrade, the adviser firm said that when Shah took over, it advised investors to take a cautious approach when considering new investments into the fund. However, in his first year, Shah outperformed the FTSE All-Share by 5%, says Bestinvest.

If he can maintain this record, and perhaps avoid calling the market, this year may be fruitful for Shah.