Liontrust names income and growth replacements

Gary West and James Inglis-Jones have been appointed to run the Liontrust First Income and First Large Cap funds. They will take over the funds tomorrow from Jeremy Lang and William Pattisson, who are leaving the group.

West and Inglis-Jones, who currently manage European funds, will apply their Cashflow Solution investment process to run the First Income and First Large Cap vehicles.

Julian Fosh and Anthony Cross will take over the First Growth fund and use their Economic Advantage investment process. Fosh and Cross currently run Liontrust’s Intellectual Capital and First Opportunities funds.

Lang and Pattisson have ceased to be directors of Liontrust and their employment there will terminate on April 15, 2009.

Meanwhile the group has also hired a European fixed income
team from London-based Ilex Asset Management. The team
consists of five partners: Simon Thorp, the chief investment officer, James Sclater, the senior portfolio
manager, Paul Owens, co-head of research, Quentin Peacock, also co-head of research, and Gareth Roblin, the chief operating officer.

The team manages the Ilex Credit fund, which Liontrust has agreed to take over for £1m.

According to a stockmarket statement, Liontrust intends to
launch a number of collective investment vehicles that
will adopt the investment process used by the team. This
will include further alternative investment funds, authorised unit trusts and offshore funds.

In addition, Liontrust will offer the fixed income investment process to the institutional market through segregated accounts and pooled institutional funds.

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