Jupiter tops Trustnet league of alpha managers

Jupiter tops the rankings of fund management groups with the most individual managers on Trustnet’s new alpha manager rating service.

The service, launched last week, lists the top 100 managers by long-term performance.

Jupiter has nine managers on the list, followed by Fidelity and Newton, both of which have six “alpha managers”. Threadneedle, M&G and Schroders each have five.

The ratings service is a quantitative-based tool that looks at a manager’s performance through all market conditions.
It covers risk-adjusted alpha, consistency of performance against a benchmark and consistency of a ­manager’s performance in rising and falling markets.

The data goes back to 2000 and managers must have a track record of at least three years to qualify. An enhanced alpha percentile is given to managers with longer track records and a lesser weighting is given where funds have been jointly managed.

The ratings will be rebalanced only once a year, with the view any manager can have a poor month or bad quarter.
Among those making the grade at Jupiter are Tony Nutt and Philip Gibbs. Other notables include Derek Stuart (Artemis), Chris Rice (Cazenove), Neil Woodford (Invesco Perpetual), Andy Brough (Schroders) and Harry Nimmo (Standard Life).

Sanjeev Shah, who has managed the Fidelity Special Situations fund for more than a year, has also made the list. A notable exception, however, is Tim Steer, who joins Artemis from New Star in June this year.
Adrian Frost (Artemis Income) also did not make the list, nor did Mark ­Lyttleton, manager of the BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha fund.