From: e-trader@talk21.com
To: johnl@centaur.co.uk
Subject: Many apologies
OK, I was wrong. It wasn’t one of your reporters chasing this story – and it wasn’t in your paper. I hope, though, you won’t be following up on that salacious article written on Monday. My earlier comments still stand.
From: e-trader@talk21.com
To: steve.hart@fkim.com
Subject: Monday’s article
I’m glad you take the same view as me about journalists. The one that wrote this story did not even have the courtesy to speak to me first. I am happy to refute all the allegations and will be requesting an apology.

From: e-trader@talk21.com
To: brad.norman@jobsforboys.co.uk
Subject: Monday’s article
Honestly, you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the press. Needless to say, the journalist in question never spoke to me and got the wrong end of the stick entirely. Anyway, I’ve spoken to Steve and he is quite relaxed about it. This job must be in the bag, surely?
From e-trader@stella-am.com
To: bill.robson@suffolkbuild.co.uk
Subject: Wrong colour bathroom
Yesterday I took delivery of the new bathroom suite for the master bedroom. If you think we’re accepting avocado for our en-suite, you must be mad. Please replace it with the correct colour – and quickly.

From: liz.trader@activeinsure.co.uk
To: e-trader@talk21.com
Subject: Where were you on Friday?
You told me you had to go to London on Friday, but when I had lunch with Jane she said she saw you leaving a pub in Nayland that afternoon with a tall blonde on your arm. Are you up to your old tricks again?

To be continued…