Thames River in protest to Maguire’s new firm

Thames River Capital has written to Arch Cru fund promoter Jon Maguire’s latest venture Voila Asset Marketing, demanding it remove a reference to the firm on its website.

Jon Maguire
Jon Maguire

The reference was found in Voila’s online terms and conditions (T&C), which bear similarities to Thames River’s own online T&Cs.

Joe O’Meara, chief executive of Voila, says he is investigating the issue. Voila’s T&Cs have since been amended.

Michael Warren, an investment director at Thames River, says: “It has been brought to our attention that the name of Thames River was incorrectly being used on the Voila website. We have written to them asking for our name to be removed as we have no relationship with Voila.” (article continues below)

O’Meara says external developers were responsible for the website. He says: “I am trying to find out what happened.”