F&C wins wedding race

It was only a matter time before a fund management group managed to work the impending royal wedding into a press release, and F&C claims the prize to be the first.

The obvious question is how can a wedding and funds be related? Here goes. Based on stats from Weddingplan, an insurer, F&C tells us the average cost of a wedding is £21,000 (it doesn’t say whether or not that includes the honeymoon).

As a result F&C says that the royal wedding should get us thinking about saving for such a big event. At this stage it may be getting clearer where F&C are leading us … how to save for the big day. (article continues below)

“Interestingly, an investment of £100 a month into F&C’s flagship Foreign & Colonial Investment Trust has grown to £21,409 over the 12 years to October 29, 2010,” says F&C.

The last “big event” to trigger a number of fund related tie ins was the World Cup and the run up to next year’s royal love-in could well prompt the same.