Revamped tool offers high quality and depth

Last week saw the launch of Fund Strategy\'s revamped website. It is designed to be used as a research tool rather than simply an online version of the magazine.

The new website should make it easier to do research on both fund selection and asset allocation. Its core is a Research Centre which breaks down both fund and strategic themes into separate topics.

On the fund side it is possible to look at specialist pages on such areas as performance, investment trusts, multi-manager (including fund of funds), the Adviser Fund Index and fund groups. The performance section includes a charting tool that allows users to compare fund performance with that of indices and sector averages.

On the strategy side it is possible to look at different markets including Britain, America, emerging economies and Japan. There is also a section for global themes and one for bonds. Each section includes links to key reference sources relevant to the topic such as central banks, finance ministries and official statistics agencies.

There are also corresponding blogs. Adam Lewis, Fund Strategy’s deputy editor, will give his take on breaking fund developments in the fund blog. I will talk about broader macro themes related to asset allocation in my strategy blog. Both will be updated several times a week.

The normal magazine content will still be available to users. This week’s magazine will be on the homepage while back issues will be available through the search engine. We will also add a section on Fund Strategy events such as the investment summits in St Moritz.

Despite the reorganisation of the website the editorial standards should remain the same. There is a common assumption in the media that the quality of articles on the internet should be different, and often inferior, to that on the printed page. Fund Strategy will apply the same standards of editorial quality to both.

It should also be noted that this is only the first stage of Fund Strategy’s website revamp. Before too long we want to enhance it further with more content and additional tools. Suggestions about anything that would be useful are welcome. There are also technical glitches to be ironed out.

Any comments on the site, positive or critical, are welcome. You can email me at