Tactica to enter retail market with three funds

Tactica Fund Management is to launch three multi-asset funds to mark its entry into the retail market.

Tactica was set up in January 2006 by John Ions, former managing director of SG Asset Management. Its aim was to cater for institutional investors, but the decision to move into retail was down to consumer interest, says Ions.

“We’re driven by market demand,” says Ions. “IFAs want to recommend the same funds they offer high net worth clients to the whole client base.”

The £25,000 minimum is fairly high for retail clients, but Ions says it is “part of the differentiation” of these funds from other multi-asset vehicles.

Another feature is Goldman Sachs International’s involvement. The funds will be managed by Goldman Sachs’s Investment Strategies Group and use its analytics to advise on asset allocation. They will use a quantitative model.

The funds will consist of Balanced, Cautious and Growth portfolios. The Cautious fund will hold a 32.5% weighting in fixed income and a 39.5% weighting in global equities.

The Balanced fund will have 14% fixed income and 57% in global equities, and the Growth portfolio will hold 0.5% and 69.5% respectively. They will all have a zero weighting in property at launch.

Investors might be surprised that Tactica is to launch these funds despite the volatility of the global markets at the start of the year. Ions says that current market conditions did not affect his decision.

He says the approach of his multi-asset funds is to preserve wealth and produce returns, and that the funds can also take advantage of tactical trading powers given by Ucits III.

The funds are structured as British-registered Oeics, with an introductory commission of 3% and a trail commission of 0.5%. They will be launched on March 3 and will be eligible for inclusion in Isas.