From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: Re: Better times ahead?
I’m glad I didn’t take your advice last week. What with inflation scares, the CDO market going down the tubes and more write-offs expected, this is not the time to be too clever.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: stephen.james@stella-am.com
Subject: Any bright ideas?
I’m finding this market tough. I know pure income fund managers are in an even worse pickle, but my gut instinct tells me I should retreat to cash – which I can’t do. I think I might call Bill Mott and see how he’s coping. Where exactly is PSigma?

From: hugh.golder@stella-am.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: New products!
You’ve probably noticed Jamie Burt has been pre-occupied. He’s been helping to construct some new offerings I plan to launch using derivative strategies. If you can pop by I’ll give you a heads-up.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: hugh.golder@stella-am.com
Subject: Re: New products
Is it the right time to launch products like these? There is a lot of mistrust about complex investment vehicles. I’ll come over for a chat – about Lisa Aspinall among other things.
From: richard@e&sconstruction.co.uk
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Re: Building repairs.
I’m rushed off my feet right now. I’ll give you a quote, but when I can deal with your problems is anybody’s guess. Why not try the Brodinsky Brothers? They’re not far from you and employ Eastern Europeans.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: lisa.aspinall@tiscali.co.uk
Subject: Re: Hi!
I’d love to meet up and give you the benefit of my not inconsiderable experience. Do you know the Bleeding Heart restaurant near Farringdon? It has the advantage of being a little out of the City, so I shouldn’t be pestered by any of my many acquaintances.