The diary: North’s John Husselbee

John Husselbee is CEO of North Investment Partners. His diary runs from 1-7 June.


Sunday My working week starts after dinner on Sunday evening sitting at home looking through my diary to plan ahead. Although North Investment Partners works with financial advisers around the country, there is no travelling for me for the next few days. My wife can expect me home for dinner every night.

Monday I am a commuter of 28 years’ standing and my journey to London takes about an hour. This is time usefully spent – normally reading the news or research.

A few years ago my bag would have been stuffed full of paper, but as an early adopter of gadgets and technology everything nowadays is downloaded onto my iPad. I scan the newspapers, review my emails, read some research and browse the internet while listening to music. This morning I receive notification that my blog – Do you see what I see? – has been published in the trades, so I am soon on my Twitter account furthering the distribution.

Twitter has become a valuable tool in keeping up to date with the industry news and gossip and I like to follow the trade journalists.

Once in the office, Monday is usually set aside for admin, the team and then an investment meeting. We assess the economy and markets before reviewing portfolio returns.

No changes this week; we have been cautious on equities recently after taking some profits in early May.


Tuesday A fund manager meeting for me, while colleagues attend a global emerging markets conference. As a team we see at least 300 fund managers a year, whether on a one-to-one basis, at presentations or at conferences.

On the agenda today is residential property, a new idea which is interesting, but my real concern is liquidity. It reminds me of a time in an earlier life when I inherited a residential property portfolio – I use the term loosely. It was invested in a single property for which it took years to find a buyer.


Wednesday Staff appraisals this morning. We may be a relatively small investment house and in contact all day and every day, but staff reviews are an important regulatory requirement. After lunch, Itsu sushi, it is off to the West End for a business meeting about our Wealth Solutions Service. Our discretionary model portfolio service is building momentum post-RDR. We have taken on six new IFA clients this year and are now shortlisted for a possible seventh.


Thursday An early start and a client meeting which takes up most of the morning in the office. No time for lunch and straight off to the West End for the final judging session of the Fund Manager of the Year Awards.

I have sat on this panel since the late 1990s – along with Gary Potter and Robert Burdett. These days the panel comprises a somewhat wider group but deciding about the winner is no easier. Yet while it is always a tough conclusion, I thoroughly enjoy the responsibility and particularly the debate surrounding each category winner. Back on the train, earphones in, a few tweets and time to check my emails.


Friday The end of the week and it just happens to be my daughter’s 17th birthday. She is so excited about her first driving lesson – I hope my smile is convincing. A management meeting takes my mind off the subject, followed swiftly by our second investment meeting of the week. This one focuses on a round-up of our fund manager contact over the last few days. There are always one or two fresh ideas to explore. And then, just enough time to write this.