Global focus helps build momentum

Schroder launched several products last year despite the precarious climate, and a global focus and a new income fund helped the group get through a difficult time. Tomas Hirst reports.

Both the Schroder Income and Income Maximiser funds are first quartile over three years, to January 7.

Perhaps more concerning is the performance of the Global Emerging Markets fund which is bottom quartile over one year and third quartile over three. Some investors, however, caution over the wisdom of judging a group the size of Schroders by a single product.

“You have to judge a firm by what it’s trying to achieve and on that basis Schroders is doing well for itself,” says Simon Mungall, the head of multi-manager at Ignis Asset Management.

“We own their Japan Alpha Plus fund as we like the manager’s style and the fact that he has a Japanese team based in Tokyo.”

With the group set to stick to its proactive strategy, 2011 looks set to be another eventful year for Stoakley and his team.