Downing looks to add Oeics

Tony McGing, the director of Downing Corporate Finance, says the firm may look to add to its recently acquired small-cap fund with further Oeic offerings.

McGing says the firm would be interested in adding to the range once it has managed to turn performance around on its active management fund.

Last month, Downing took on the investment management of the CF Acuity Real Active Management fund, now called the Downing Active Management fund. (article contines below)

Judith MacKenzie, an investment director, who managed the fund at Acuity before her departure to join Downing in July 2009, manages the fund.

McGing says: “We have no concrete plans on what we want to do next on the Oeic range but we will be looking to add to it. We want to look at how we can best use our private equity abilities within that market.

“With a small-cap offering already in place, a mid-cap fund may be the next step but that is by no means a definite plan. We may also look to build our team for the Oeic market.”