Husselbee to part company with Henderson

Bill McQuaker will be taking over from Husselbee and has already joined the group from Credit Suisse First Boston, where he was head of quantitative strategy for nine years.

Henderson has been reviewing its multi-manager business over the last few months and has decided that opportunities exist to extend its fund of funds range to include what it calls “managed solutions”.

In addition to its current multi-manager products, the group is considering the development of a range of managed solutions offerings. These would probably involve multi-asset fund of funds products that combine equity and bond components along with exposure to alternative asset classes including property, hedge funds and commodities.

However, according to the group, there will not be any managed solutions products offered before the end of the year.

Husselbee will stay on as manager of the group’s funds of funds and head of the multi-manager team until mid-June to oversee the handover of the portfolios to McQuaker.

Husselbee currently manages the 8.3m Henderson Independent Distribution Portfolio, the 104.8m Independent Growth Portfolio and the 64.7m Independent Income Portfolio within the group’s fund of funds offering.

The Henderson multi-manager team also runs the Quilter Global Growth and Global Income funds for Neptune Investment Management.

Husselbee joined Henderson in 1996 from Rothschild Asset Management. He has not yet announced what his next role will be after he leaves Henderson next month.