Aegon opens inflation fund to retail investors

Aegon Asset Management has made its Inflation Linked fund available to retail investors.

Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones

The fund was originally launched in July for British institutional investors but the group is opening it up to wider demand.

It invests in directly and indirectly inflation linked investment vehicles in a bid to mitigate “growing concerns over the effects of inflation”.

These include inflation linked bonds, equities, currencies, commodities and cash.

It is managed by Stephen Jones and aims to outperform the FTSE Index linked gilts over five years benchmark. (article continues below)

Steve Kenny, the head of retail sales at Aegon Asset Management European, says: “The Bank of England has only recently highlighted that it expects inflation to remain high well into next year. Our investors have also been expressing similar concerns for some time now, which is why we have opened the fund up to the wider investment market.”

The fund carries an initial charge of 5.5% which will be discounted to 3% until November 15, 2011. It has a 1% annual management charge.