IBOSS launches multi-manager fund range

Risk profiling cover.jpg

IBOSS Asset Management has launched a range of risk-rated funds.

The multi-manager Oeic range comprises four funds that will each invest in about 40 holdings, blending equities, fixed interest, property and cash according to each fund’s risk profile.

IBOSS co-founder Chris Metcalfe will be the lead manager of the funds with senior investment analyst Chris Rush and analyst Michael Heapy also on the team.

The four funds, which launched on 8 February, are UK authorised NURS collective investment schemes with Margetts Asset Management the ACD. The fund names identify the targeted risk levels on a rising scale.

The MGTS IBOSS 1 fund aims to be a low volatility portfolio focusing on capital preservation and will sit within the IA Mixed Investment 0-35% Shares sector. At launch it has 35 per cent held in equities, 28 per cent in fixed interest and 5 per cent in property, with the remainder in cash.

Benchmarked against the IA Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares sector, the MGTS IBOSS 2 fund combines capital preservation with capital growth. It has 46 per cent in equities, 29 per cent in fixed interest, 7 per cent in property and the balance in cash.

The MGTS IBOSS 4 fund, which sits within the IA Mixed Investment 40-80% Shares sector, targets medium to long-term capital growth, with an equity allocation of 65 per cent, 24 per cent in fixed interest, 7 per cent in property and 4 per cent in cash.

At the higher end of the risk spectrum, the MGTS IBOSS 6 fund will invest in funds displaying above average growth while remaining risk-aware. Benchmarked against the IA Flexible Investment sector, it has 76 per cent in equities, 15 per cent in fixed interest, 7 per cent in property and 2 per cent in cash.

The funds will also sit in the unclassified sector and can be blended to achieve risk outcomes 3 and 5.

Metcalfe says: “IBOSS is a privately-owned investment boutique, which is not tied to any other fund management institution for investment purposes. [This] allows for free thought on market and economic trends.

“We will only invest in assets which have a fair risk/return profile. If the risk of an asset does not provide the sufficient expected reward, or the risk cannot be assessed, we will not invest.”

The team will invest in both active and passive products, but will shy away from single country funds to avoid country-specific issues. Position sizes within the portfolios will be restricted to between 2 and 4 per cent.

The minimum investment in the funds is £1,000 while the ongoing charge fee ranges from 1.1 per cent to 1.36 per cent.

Founded in 2008, IBOSS is a non-regulated company providing white label model portfolios for financial advisers. IBOSS Asset Management was launched in February. The Oeic is run using the same investment process team has used in its model portfolios since 2008.