Henderson launches European income fund

Europe-European-Flags-EU-700.jpgHenderson Global Investors has launched a pan European equities dividend fund for Nick Sheridan.

The Henderson Horizon Pan European Dividend Income Ucits fund will focus on delivering income above the market average by investing in pan European stocks.

Sheridan will select high yielding European companies priced below their intrinsic value for the fund.

He says: “European equity markets offer competitive dividend yields, especially when compared to other global assets. Negative sentiment remains built into European share prices.

“When compared to other global assets, the dividend yield on European equities looks competitive.”

European dividends have grown 11.2 per cent since 2009, according to the Henderson Global Dividend Index.

Henderson’s head of European retail sales Steven de Vries says: “We are launching this fund to meet the needs of our clients. In a low-yield world, our clients are still looking for income. Europe continues to present opportunities to investors, as the valuations of European equities remain competitive.

“Given Nick’s established performance and the income investment opportunities in Europe, we feel it is a good time to build out our dividend products with a regional focus across Europe.”

Ongoing fees for the new fund are 1.35 per cent.