Hargreaves and Schroders among ‘least empathetic’ finance firms


Hargreaves Lansdown and Schroders are two of the least empathetic global finance companies, according to Harvard Business Review’s 2016 Global Empathy Index.

Hargreaves was the 16th least empathetic company on the index, closely followed by Schroders in 17th. Both were a touch more empathetic than Virgin Money, however, which was the 15th least empathetic company according to the index and the second worst performing finance company behind ICICI Bank.

The Harvard Business Review rankings look at a combination of metrics on ethics, leadership, culture and public perception.

Data used to construct the rankings include chief executive approval ratings among staff, the ratio of women on boards, the number of accounting infractions and scandals and a newly added carbon footprint weighting.

A panel selected from the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders also rated the firms on morality and over two million tweets were analysed to indicate public perception of the companies.