Hamilton/Godber duo reunites at Polar Capital

Godber George Miton 2014Polar Capital’s Georgina Hamilton and George Godber have started their joint mandate on the UK Value Opportunities fund a year since their departure from rival boutique firm Miton.

Hamilton had already started managing the recently launched UK fund in October, while Godber has now officially landed at Polar Capital to work alongside his colleague.

Since launch in January this year, the Polar Capital UK Value Opportunities fund has collected £169m in assets under management.

Hamilton says she has found some “exciting” shares for the new fund.

Hamilton tells Fund Strategy the fund currently has a higher weighting to financials.

She says: “The process remains the same for the new fund, it is very disciplined and we currently have a higher weighting to financials than previously.

“There are attractive valuations and the capital positions are better, an example of this is RSA, where Stephen Hester has been doing a good solid job on the restructuring.”

The duo used to manage the £869m Miton UK Value Opportunities, which lost almost two thirds of its assets following their departure, and currently stands at £283.4m, according to FE.

That fund is now run by Andrew Jackson, who joined Miton in June 2016 and started managing the fund the following month. The fund has returned 26.2 per cent over the period compared to 17.2 per cent in the IA All Companies sector.

On the arrival of Godber at Polar Capital, global head of distribution Iain Evans says: “They both have extensive experience and a proven track record in this sector, delivering excellent absolute, relative and risk adjusted returns over recent years.

“Getting the highly successful duo back together is great news for Polar Capital and we look forward to them building a successful UK value franchise.”

Godber says he is glad to finally start at Polar Capital and return to work with Hamilton.

“We look forward to sticking to our investment process and running a fund that has the flexibility to hunt out value across the market cap spectrum.”

“The fund has a high active share and differentiated holdings so is complementary to many other funds in the UK All companies sector.”

Active share for the fund is 86.4 per cent as of 28 February.

Godber tells Fund Strategy the fund has a high active share because the managers are benchmark agnostic and they stick to a bottom-up approach when picking funds.