H2O Asset Management launches range for liquidity dearth

Stockmarket-Stock-Market-FTSE-Performance-700x450H2O Asset Management has launched a fund range to tackle liquidity scarcity in the market.

The H2O Barry funds includes two Ucits funds, domiciled in Dublin.

The H2O Barry Active Value invests in money marketing instruments and uses short term trades while the H2O Barry Short fund uses a portfolio of actively managed funds to benefit from interest rate movements.

H2O chief executive Bruno Crastes says: “The objective of the Barry funds is to offer investment solutions leveraging today’s market predicaments and to turn these constraints impacting the performance of traditional asset classes into investment opportunities.”

Chief investment officer Vincent Chailley adds: “The current financial system is definitely more robust as systemic financial crises are much less probable.

“However it is also characterised by more market distortions and it is prone to market shocks due to the massive drop in the liquidity provided by banks. The lower systemic risk makes these shockwaves less contagious and this pattern can offer attractive opportunities to flexible and responsive asset managers.”