German robo-advisory DFM Scalable Capital lands in UK


German robo-advice firm Scalable Capital has been granted FCA approval to operate discretionary investment management services in the UK.

Using ETF-based investment portfolios meeting a range of risk profiles, Scalable Capital will reweight the underlying asset allocation based on forward-looking projections and an assessment of ongoing market developments.

Charges will be 0.75 per cent of the average invested capital, including account management and custody fees, as well as all trading costs for portfolio transactions.

Portfolios will be built from a universe of 1,500 ETFs. They are currently constructed using 14 products, which track indices across the four main asset classes – equities, bonds, property and commodities.

Investors can join the waiting list on the Scalable Capital website before the service launches later in 2016. The firm has been operating in Germany since 2015.

Leading the UK team are former Goldman Sachs’ trading division executive director Adam French and Dr Ella Rabener, the former founder and chief executive of Westwing Russia and associate partner at McKinsey & Company.

Adam French, co-founder and managing director of Scalable Capital says: “Our unique and dynamic risk management technology takes the digital investment industry to the next level. Our technology not only provides cost-efficient access to capital markets products, but also offers UK retail investors a more sophisticated investment methodology.”