FundCalibre launches ratings service for investment companies

Corporate-Portfolio-Briefcase-General-Business-700x450.jpgFundCalibre has unveiled a research ratings service for investment companies.

The new service has awarded its standard ‘elite’ rating to 11 investment companies, including the Baillie Gifford Japan trust, Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon and the City of London Investment trust. The firm expects to award more ratings in the next few months.

Tony Yousefian, investment company research specialist at FundCalibre, says FundCalibre has rolled out the service on the back of a poll which suggested users have a strong interest in finding out more about investment companies.

“Whether investors are looking for dividend stability, a global portfolio of innovators, or ways to invest in the ‘new Japan’, we’ve done the research for them and identified investment companies that may fit the bill,” Yousefian says.

“At a time when income is such a scarce resource and demand is putting pressure on dividend yields, the ability to tap into a revenue reserve and maintain dividend payments, for example, is a characteristic of investment companies that we think will interest many investors.

“With one of our investment company pick’s track record showing 50 years of consecutive dividend rises and another that has only cut its payment once in the 1933 great depression, we think our new, freely accessible, independent fund research on closed-ended funds will be extremely useful to investors and advisers alike.”

Annabel Brodie-Smith, communications director of the Association of Investment Companies, says: “We have seen increased interest in investment companies from both private investors and advisers, with adviser purchasers tripling since 2012.

“Investors are recognising the benefits of investment companies with their strong long-term performance records, closed-ended structure and income advantages. We very much welcome more research on investment companies and we frequently receive investor requests for more independent research.”