What are fund manager picks for future fund flows?

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Fund managers expect the popularity of multi-asset funds to slow in coming years, while the vast majority expect to see a rise in ETF assets, according to research by PollRight.

Forty-nine per cent of fund managers thought multi-asset funds would see inflows compared to 22 per cent who expect assets to fall.

In hedge funds, 60 per cent expect to see a fall compared to 24 per cent who expect them to rise.

In contrast, 80 per cent of fund managers expect ETFs to see increased inflows between now and 2019, with 20 per cent expecting this to be dramatic. In smart beta, 14 per cent expect a dramatic increase in flows, while 47 per cent expect a slight increase.

When it comes to costs, 64 per cent of fund managers expect charges to fall in the next year, and a further 74 per cent expect them to fall over the next five years.

The survey, commissioned by events business First, questioned 52 fund managers.