FTSE hits 2-month high, European markets rally as voters head to polls

Brexit EU referendum vote ballotThe FTSE 100 has hit a two-month high and European stocks have rallied as voters head to the polls to vote in the EU referendum.

The FTSE 100 jumped 1.9 per cent to 6,380, a two-month high, having risen 8.2 per cent over the past week.

The pound has also jumped to a six-month high, rising 1.2 per cent against the dollar today to $1.488.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany’s Xetra Dax index jumped to a three-week high, while the French CAC 40 rose 2.1 per cent and Italy’s FTSE MIB rose by up to 3 per cent.

The shifts came as the polls showed a vote to remain was the most likely outcome of the referendum.

Betfair has the odds of a Remain vote at 84 per cent, while the FT’s poll of opinion polls last night put Remain ahead at 47 per cent versus 45 per cent for Leave.

Polls by Ipsos Mori for the Evening Standard have the probability of a Remain win at 74 per cent, with Remain at 52 per cent and Leave at 48 per cent.