FE launches one-stop investment planning service for advisers

Ratings and research agency FE has launched an investment mapping service for advisers to help them meet suitability requirements and deliver consistent investment advice.

FE Analytics+ Investment Planner is aimed at helping advisers assess clients’ risk appetite, select suitable investment options and create client-friendly reports. The service can be customised to advisers’ business models and chosen investment solutions.

The launch follows an FE adviser survey last year that found nearly 60 per cent of advisers do not use technology in support of their centralised investment processes – although the majority highlighted the need for a one-stop solution that helps with researching, selecting and investing clients’ money.

Matthew Surfleet, commercial director at FE, says: “Establishing suitability, including discussing the risk a customer is willing and able to take and mapping appropriate investment solutions, is critical for all financial advisers. However, the processes employed to achieve this are often manual, inefficient and can vary, even within the same firm.

“FE Analytics+ Investment Planner has the potential to become the industry standard for delivering consistent advice in one streamlined process. Uniquely, advisers will have the freedom to map any investment solution to the most suitable risk profile. This is because the already widely-used FE Risk Score will be used as a measure of the relative riskiness of a portfolio and this is applied to the whole of the market – no provider pays to be rated.”

FE Analytics is used by 84 per cent of the UK’s top 100 advisers for investment research and reporting, according to the group.