FCA sends warning over fake emails from regulator

The FCA has sent out a warning over fake emails from scammers pretending to be the regulator.

In a note on its website, the FCA said that it had identified three separate emails using three separate fake FCA email addresses which had been sent not by the regulator, but by other parties.

The regulator advises anyone who received the emails to delete them without reading.

The note reads: “We are aware that an email has been sent which appears to be from fca.updates@fca.org.uk. This email was not sent by the FCA and recipients should delete the email without opening.

“An email which appeared to be sent from webmaster@fca.org.uk and an email entitled ‘FCA Regulation 2017’ which appeared to be from press.office@fca.org.uk were also not sent by the FCA. Recipients should again delete these emails without opening.”

The warning follows another alert published by the FCA in December, in which it said it had become aware that a fake FCA email had been sent.

Pension Wise, The Pensions Advisory Service and the Financial Ombudsman Service have also noted on several occasions that fraudsters have tried to leverage the respect of their brands to perpetrate scams.

The FCA began investigating one Pension Wise copycat last January.