Editor’s comment: The next step for Fund Strategy

It has been over 16 years since Fund Strategy first landed on desks and suffice to say a great deal has changed in that time; for the title, the industry and of course the world at large. Less than a year after Fund Strategy launched as a weekly title in October 2000, the appalling attacks of 9/11 were felt globally. While Fund Strategy mourned with the rest of the world, we also knew it was vital to acknowledge the atrocities and attempt to process the implications in a sensitive manner for our readers, dedicating the cover story and as much of the content as possible that week.

It is Fund Strategy’s cover story and in-depth analysis of topical issues that has always stood it apart from its peers. The cover story at the end of 2015 on the implications of the European referendum was ahead of the curve in its objective analysis of the impact the vote could have on investments, the asset management industry and fund selectors, and was the most-read article online last year.

Fund Strategy has adapted to the needs of our readership and the direction both financial services and the publishing industry is moving in. Whereas 16 years ago it was fitting to dedicate 5,000 words to an analytical article in the magazine, life moves at a faster pace these days and we have cut our word counts accordingly.

In 2013 Fund Strategy moved to a monthly circulation in recognition of the changing way news is delivered and digested – thanks to the internet and the smartphone – and to focus on taking a step back from the noise of news to offer a comprehensive take on current affairs, which is the essence of Fund Strategy. With that still at the forefront of our thinking, we have taken the decision to hone in on Fund Strategy’s online offering as our main platform for delivering content.

The stream of information on stockmarkets is relentless and the political shocks in recent times unprecedented. We aim to be the first port of call in reacting to the flow of news and to build on our status as the leading light in interpreting what it means for you and your clients, while continuing to provide data-led, meatier articles in keeping with our flagship cover feature. We believe that objective is best served digitally.

We thank you for your support, and while it is goodbye from the magazine, it is onwards and upwards for Fund Strategy online as we seek to enhance our website while continuing to deliver the expert opinion on investments, global markets and key issues facing the industry that we are known for.