DoubleLine boss launches Twitter outburst against WSJ


DoubleLine Capital chief executive and founder Jeff Gundlach has lashed out at reporters investigating his firm, describing them as “fake news” in a Twitter outburst.

Gundlach founded DoubleLine in 2009, shortly after he was fired from TCW where he managed its $9.3bn Total Return Bond fund.

“WSJ still at it. Employees from years ago now being approached. Just heard from one within the hour. C’mon WSJ. Try the truth,” Gundlach tweeted.

In a series of tweets that followed he implied journalists at the paper had been investigating his firm for three months. “I am a scorpion. Attack me and I will fight back. Hard,” Gundlach warned.

In a statement to the Financial Times, which Gundlach has criticised in the past, a DoubleLine a spokesperson said the star fund manager set up his Twitter account “to share his market insight and defend DoubleLine from false narratives, with the Wall Street Journal being the most recent occurrence”.