Credit Suisse boutique launches Middle Eastern fund into UK

Dubai-Global-Asia-Middle-East-700x450.jpgCredit Suisse-backed asset manager Aventicum Capital Management is to open its £200m Mena long-only equity strategy to UK investors.

The fund, which marked its three-year anniversary this year, is managed by Ibrahim Masood.

The fund is benchmark-agnostic and focuses on regional and domestic drivers, such as a young population and oil surpluses.

At the same time, it avoids globally-correlated large-cap stocks, and prefers high–quality and research-driven stocks across consumer, healthcare and financial services sectors.

The strategy has delivered a positive performance of 24.5 per cent since its launch in July 2013, the firm says.

Masood says: “With a combined market cap of close to $1trn, an investable universe of 1,500 stocks and a growing young population, we believe there is continuing value to be found in this region for managers who take an active, fundamental approach.

“The Mena market, with its relatively young, growing population and oil surpluses, will drive private consumption and increase overall capital spending across the region.

“A focus on consumer sections, outside of petrochemicals, presents an attractive and differentiated opportunity for both local and global institutional investors, particularly for those looking to diversify their emerging market allocation.

“We look forward to building on the Fund’s success to date and continuing to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns that can weather market cyclicality for both our existing and prospective clients.”