Corporate Bond sector takes top spot for adviser sales

Portfolio-Bonds-Investment-Business-700x450.jpgThe Corporate Bond sector was the most popular among advisers in July, data from FundsNetwork shows, replacing the Global sector as the best-selling sector.

The Mixed Investment 20-60% and the Mixed Investment 40-85% sectors were in third and fourth place respectively for sector sales, with the Mixed Investment 0-35% sector also in the top 10.

However equity funds and perennial favourites Fundsmith Equity and Lindsell Train UK Equity were the top two bestselling funds, followed by cash funds BlackRock Cash and Standard Life SIPP Cash.

Paul Richards, head of sales at FundsNetwork, says: “While July may have seen the Corporate Bond sector top the sector sales, our latest sales data suggests diversification remains the main focus for advisory firms, with firms continuing to spread client money across a range of asset classes.

“Markets continue to be vulnerable to political and geopolitical tensions and against this backdrop, we expect to see continued diversification and risk reduction within client portfolios.”