Conservatives target social care costs for wealthy pensioners

The Conservative party has announced that wealthy pensioners will suffer a series of cuts to social care if the party is re-elected.

Prime Minister Theresa May will scrap the party’s planned cap on how much those in need will pay towards social care, according to the Financial Times.

Former prime minister David Cameron planned to put a £72,000 cap on these costs from 2020.

Domestic care would have to be paid for from the value of homes, according to the new Conservative manifesto.

The party would also scrap the state pension triple lock if re-elected.

The Prime Minister has had the triple lock in her sights for a while.

Last month Prime Minister Theresa May and Chancellor Philip Hammond both refused to commit to maintaining the state pension triple lock as the election campaign gets underway.

Another mooted Conservative policy is to means-test the winter fuel allowance.