Conservatives and DUP sign agreement

Parliament-UK-Government-Dusk-700.jpgThe Conservatives have signed a deal with the Democratic Unionists after two weeks of talks since the election resulted in a hung parliament.

The agreement will see the DUP support Theresa May’s minority government with the 10 DUP MPs backing the Tories in key votes but there will not be a coalition, the BBC reports.

Leader of the DUP Arelene Foster was quoted by the Press Assocation as saying she was “delighted” with the agreements while Prime Minister Theresa May said the deal was a “very good one” and the parties “share many values”.

The talks between the two parties centred on Brexit and financial support for Northern Ireland and Brexit. A further £1bn has been allocated to infrastructure, health and education in Northern Ireland over the next two years, with the funding totalling £1.5bn, while the triple lock guarantee of 2.5 per cent spending on pensions in the UK will remain in place.