Columbia Threadneedle fixed income manager exits

Business-Handshake-General-Hire-Appointment-700x450.jpgFixed income manager Martin Harvey has left Columbia Threadneedle Investments after almost a decade at the firm.

Harvey previously ran the Threadneedle Global Opportunities Bond fund, the Threadneedle European Bond fund and the Threadneedle Global Bond fund.

Matthew Cobon, head of rates and currency at Threadneedle, will take over the fund management responsibilities, and Threadneedle will hire to replace Harvey.

A Columbia Threadneedle spokeswoman says: “Martin Harvey, fixed income fund manager, has decided to leave Columbia Threadneedle Investments and we wish him well.

“We have a large global fixed income team of 89 investment and 64 research professionals, including 18 portfolio managers in EMEA. We are the process of hiring a new portfolio manager.”