Chelsea enters multi-manager space with four funds

Chelsea Financial Services has launched a range of managed funds designed by managing director Darius McDermott and the research team.

The four VT Chelsea Managed funds comprise cautious, balanced, aggressive growth and monthly income options, investing in funds, investment trusts and ETFs.

Chelsea Portfolio Management Services is the investment adviser for the range while Valu-Trac Investment Management is the investment manager and the ACD.

The funds launch today with an offer of £1 per unit until 5 June. The investment management charge is 0.3 per cent, which will be rebated to clients investing in the first year, until 30 June 2018.

McDermott says: “For nearly two decades, clients have relied upon our research and fund selection expertise, but many have said they want us to do it for them. So we’ve created this range of managed funds, each with a different client profile and investing in different markets and assets via funds, investment trusts and ETFs, all carefully selected by our expert team.

“The new funds will give our clients a complete range of options, depending on how confident they feel making their own investment choices. From a platform-wide choice of thousands of funds, to a shortlist of our favourites, right though to fully managed funds, we’ll have something for everyone.”