Chatfeild-Roberts steps down from Jupiter board

Chatfeild-Roberts-John-2012-700x450.jpgJupiter Fund Management’s John Chatfeild-Roberts is to step down from the firm’s board this month to focus on his Merlin portfolios.

Chatfeild-Roberts has been on the board at Jupiter for nine years and has been with the firm for 15 years, including five years as chief investment officer.

In September last year, Fund Strategy revealed Chatfeild-Roberts had ditched his role as chief investment officer at the asset manager to concentrate on fund management.

Chatfeild-Roberts is concentrating on managing the Jupiter Merlin portfolio range, which he has been heading for the past six years. Fund manager Algy Smith-Maxwell works alongside him in the range.

Fund selectors welcomed that move given the “difficult times” the Merlin range had gone through in the past.

Today, however, the Growth fund in the range has a 32 per cent return over three years versus its IA Flexible Investments sector average of 18.6 per cent, according to FE.

Over a one-year period, since Chatfeild-Roberts solely focused on the funds, the Growth fund returned 14.5 per cent against the 11.3 per cent of the sector.

The Income portfolio slightly lagged the IA Mixed Investment 20%-60% Shares returning 13.3 per cent versus the sector’s 15.5 per cent over three years, while over one year it returned 5.9 per cent against the sector’s 8 per cent.

Jupiter chairman Liz Airey says: “John has made an exceptional contribution to Jupiter. At the same time as providing valuable perspectives at the board level, he has delivered strong performance over the long term to clients in one of Jupiter’s most important and successful investment strategies.

“We appreciate the dual role he has played for many years and support his decision to step back from his board responsibilities to focus solely on running his funds.”

Chatfeild-Roberts adds: “I have greatly enjoyed my time on the board of Jupiter and its predecessor companies, helping in the overall success of the company.

“However, investing clients’ money in the Jupiter Merlin funds is the job I enjoy the most; I relish the opportunity to devote all my time to building on the performance track record we have established on behalf of our clients.”