Candriam launches robotics strategy for ‘fourth industrial revolution’

Candriam is adding a robotic robotics fund to its thematic strategies range that will tap into the “fourth industrial revolution”.

The Robotics and Innovative Technology strategy will use a bottom-up approach across world equities with a maximum 50 stocks. Candriam already offers specialist funds in demography and biotechnology.

 Fund manager Johan Van Der Biest says we are only at 20 to 30 per cent into what will be possible in the field of robotics.

“Pretty soon we will see the integration of smart, internet-connected machines facilitating our daily lives.”

Van Der Biest adds: “Advanced robots will be the cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, a technology one which, like earlier industrial revolutions, will generate substantial wealth for far-sighted investors.”

Trends that the strategy will tap into include machine learning and AI, Big Data technology, transition to the public cloud, virtual reality, 5G technology, Internet of Things, advanced robotics and programmatic advertising.

The fund is in the process of being registered in the UK.